April 17, 2014

How To Pose For A Picture...On Instagram!

Lets be real.. were are not all photogenic people, and even the most photogenic people are not even all that attractive. Its all about capturing great shots and finding the most flattering angles that work, for you.

With social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. we find ourselves glued to our phones having and needing to take amazing photos constantly of ourselves. "what should I do with my hands?... does this pose look too statue-ish?" i see myself as a pro poser and upcoming star in selfies.. read more for insight and tips on how you can become a pro selfie taker, yourself!

Angle your face and position your arms 

Unless you have an amazing photographer who is good with editing, try avoiding taking photos of your face pointing directly on to the camera and instead slightly angle your face in a way in which there is less shadow surrounding your whole face and more shadow drawn to your nose and along the cheekbones; giving your face a more slimming appeal. 

Use as much natural light as possible. The "flash" is your biggest enemy... stand by a window during the magic hours in the day (dusk or dawn). The more natural your photo looks, the better. Filters are cool to use and can actually enhance your photos giving it some flair, yet I definitely try to avoid using them too often; the more you use it the more of an addiction it becomes and the more you won't be use to the natural you... kind of like make-up ;)

The natural candid photos

The "I didn't even know you were still taking pictures!" always works.. it is naturally cool and looks less poesy or statue-ish. Discover your best side of your body or face, we all have a favorite side.. if you follow me on Instagram you see in my pictures that I usually angle my face to the right, I prefer that side. 

I thought I’d share a few things that I have learned with mastering the art of the Selfie…

  • Practice your best poses and discover your best side.  
  • Slightly angle your face down with it tilting away from the camera.. never looking directly straight-on.
  • Avoid the Flash on phones and take advantage of natural lighting.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on in the background of your photo. People love to look at awesome buildings or art.. but most importantly make sure if your taking a picture in your room, that your room isn't messy... So make your bed and pick up clothes from the floor (you know, all those things your parents told you to do) people shouldn't see how dirty your room is. 
  • Play with make-up (or your moms if you don't have any).
  • Avoid using reverse camera mode.. the quality isn't that good and doesn't compare to the camera on the back of your phone. 
  • Less duck face, more cheekbone 
  • Limit the amount of selfies that you take, you don't want to look too into yourself. Try taking pictures of food you eat or of your pets doing something really weird. 
  • Finally, just have fun with it and relax. stick your tongue out, throw the peace sign up. 

So, tell me… Do you have any tips, tricks or advice? please feel free to leave comments and start a discussion.

Last but not least, Watch this amazing clip from youtube - How to Take a Selfie Like a Supermodel- 
and follow advice from the worlds most sexiest super models.

signing off!
xoxo, Thedayabarboza