April 24, 2014

SkinnyMe Tea Detox

'SkinnyMe Teatox Pack (14 days)
Instagram photo of SkinnyMe Tea 

If you have any Social Media accounts then you have definitely seen the bag above before.. but what most of you, and I want to know is -is it even worth the chatter?-

SkinnyMe Tea is an Australian-based 100% natural health supplements company founded in 2012 by Young Melbournite Gretta van Riel. The tea is a powerfully amazing mix of natural health and weight loss ingredients, that helps you lose that unwanted weight quickly, without restricting your calorie intake or drastically changing your exercise regime. The Tea works better following an eating plan which is also on the site, it is designed to make the best or most effective use of of the detox process while maximizing your weight loss.
How it works
So, Basically there is a daytime tea (loose leaf) that you drink and you're supposed to drink this every morning.. it helps convert food into energy, giving you that full energy boost you need to get your day going, it increases your metabolism and reduces appetite and food consumption, and, as a result, causes weight loss to occur. Then, there is a colon cleanse that you drink at night (night time tea) which pretty much cleans out your entire gastrointestinal tract, getting rid of toxins and waste that is holding you back from actually loosing the weight.
Is it safe?
if the product is used correctly, then yes! it is safe.
though.... there were concerns back in 2013 if this product was promoting self-harm because of its"extreme dieting". It was actually the Colon cleanse that people and experts were actually concerned about because of it containing the laxative senna, and using such product when not needed can cause the loss of electrolyte and fluids, as well as other nutrients the body needs.

all in all.. there have been successes in this new nutrition revelution and the reviews are great. It is up to you to decide if you want to play guinea pig and see if all the talk on this is even worth the chatter.

signing off!
             xoxo, Thedayabarboza