May 02, 2014

What's In My Bag?

Hello Everyone! today I will be writing about What's in my bag.
*just to put this out there, I promise I'm not trying to show off anything I have.. this is just me sharing with you my essential products I absolutely love to use while out on the move!

So lets get this started...

  1. My Marc by Marc Jacobs (#M3122350 - Too Hot to HandleTote) aka "The love of my life." I got her this past december and I still wear her even though in the fashion world it would be considered -last seasons- right? well I honestly can care less.. she's my best friend and I'm not done wearing her just yet. It might not look as if this bag can fit too many things, but honestly it can, and I take advantage of it. 
  2. My wallet by Calvin Klein. This was a gift to me from a friend. I love it because its long and it has so many secret hiding places. I can fit so many things in it, I never run out of space.
  3. Chanel N.5 parfum. I carry this in its box now because with my previous purchase with this perfume I had a bit of an accident.. it leaked. and any one of you who wears N. 5 knows that this 15 ml bottle costs over $300. So my warning to you is be careful. Keep it in the original box.
  4. Nivea Moisturizing Creme. My hands get really rough at times because they are not naturally smooth and this creme helps out in so many ways I think I would be only fair to mail them a Thank you letter. It is a mixture of Jojoba Oils and Vitamin E.
  5. Dry skin hand cream by Pre de Provence; product of France. I'm not sure exactly why I carry two moisturizers with me.. yet this one really smells good, its lavender. the only negative with this creme is that its surprisingly heavy and really thick.
  6. I like to stuff a couple of Cotton Balls in my purse before i leave my house, usually later in the day you see your make-up run, or if your skin is just incredibly oily, you'll get these make-up creases around your smile lines. and that is exactly what i use them for.. i just dab away all over my face and then my face feels refreshingly light again!
  7. I don't usually carry my Macbook Air in my bag.. its extremely dangerous, though my middle name is Risk-Taker. I carry it only because I'm either in school for 345 hours (exaggeration) or I'm hanging out like a lonely loser in Starbucks watching Youtube Tutorials (honest to god truth, I'm a total loser). My laptop is basically my World; I would like to take a minute and give thanks to the creator of Apple, they have done some truly amazing stuff with technology today. I sleep with all of my Apple products. Literally. 
  8. I am prone to passing out on the streets.. so I keep some type of food with me everywhere I go, usually Fig Newtons. They are the best and I love them and they also get the job done.
  9. I undoubtedly, can't stand when I have something on my face and someone tells me, or doesn't tell. I can't stand it either way, so I carry a small compact mirror with me everywhere I go. People probably think I'm too in to myself. 
  10. My Ray-Ban aviator glasses that I am absolutely in love with. I bought these glasses about a month ago and I wear these babies inside, outside, when the sun isn't out, when its pouring rain. (yes I'm one of those peoples).
  11. Starbucks After Coffee Mints- for when my mate's breath sticks... it gets the job done and I'm not afraid to talk to them again.
  12. Sephora Mascara and Mac lip liner- for when a touch up is needed... you never know
  13. My Hairfinity Dietary supplements "Healthy hair from the inside out." by BrockBeauty. *I will be reviewing this product in the next few weeks when I actually see a change. or anything.
  14. My Egg! My EOS. They make my lips utterly smooth and pillowy soft. This is the only chap-stick I will ever use and have been using for quite a while. I love it dearly. 
  15. A  Venetian Journal that a close friend bought, handcrafted in Victoria B.C. This is wear I jot down my deepest thoughts. Im into poetry and this is where I do my magic.
Well, that does it. This is the end to what is in my bag and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this.

signing off!

xoxo, Thedayabarboza