July 26, 2014

Key Attractive

While vacationing on one of the infamous islands of the Florida Keys, I have been planning the most perfect outfit to share with you all on this blog This post took longer to publish than I had actually  expected it to because of my charming ability, which you all are probably familiar with, called procrastination. Ive been busy and lazy.. but I'm not sure which one overrides which. (getting back 2 the muy importante stuff) Key west was sultry, but was relaxing and took my mind off all the wrong things.. when taking a road trip all the way from NY to Key West, you want to be more than comfortable and free because that is one hell of a ride! So, the little fashonista in my head was screaming "BOYFRIEND JEANS!" and when I went on a little shopping spree in UO I saw what I had been envisioning, the slouchy fit and the allover patchwork detailing were an eyesore!

similar looks:

Key Attractive

Top: Kimchi Blue (UO)
Boyfriend Jeans: BDG (UO)
Sandals: ZARA 
Body Cross-over Handbag: Coach

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xoxo, Thedayabarboza