December 01, 2014


Oh, Hey People. Today was FRICKING awesome... My Fashion Illustration class had a private showing at the MFA in Boston. We saw a wide range of archives of ORIGINAL Illustrations from Givenchy to YSL (I was totally inspired and someday i'll post a blog of my own Illustrations) We went to a room that displayed Textiles that were bought or donated to the museum, one in particular was a gown that I loved from the Dolce and Gabbana, SpringRTW, 2008... there is a story that goes along with how they got the dress which is actually entertaining, but I will keep it to myself and save it for a rainy day. Another gown on display was a Dior gown waaaaaay back when he had just released 'The New Look' and it was still in pretty good shape. surprisingly.

...Afterwards we went to the Hollywood Glamour Exhibit, where they showcase amazing gowns worn from the goddesses of the silverscreen. I'll keep this post short, and you can watch a video I made with all of the photos I captured today.

Dolce and Gabbana, SpringRTW, 2008

Oh, Hey Audrey!