December 06, 2014

My 12 favorite Instagram Accounts

Hello Dolls, I hope you're having a happy Saturday evening. So today, I like literally spent all day on Instagram. No lie.  Stalking my favorite IG accounts that I'm practically obsessed with 👀😩, I thought I'd share with you my top 12 and hopefully one day you'll be drooling over their pics like I am everyday. 

@annarike: founder of fashion and beauty blog ANNA RIKE. Her posts are like a visual magazine or very well thought out flip book. Her IG ranges from her December favs to fashion week. (It's a must follow)

@conradroset: if you love art and illustration, this is the page to follow. You get feircly inspired by his works of art. He has exhibited his work in galleries all around the world. Check him out tho.

@blairz: she believes in Big lips, Big hair, and Big lashes. Blair's account is roughly 99% of her fashion illustration. Which is totally awesome. She has worked with Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and the fricking list goes on but this girls IG is basically my whole life. 

@reiflerpaige: you've got to start following some models! They travel all around the world and post amazing photos surrounded by either hot guys or other beautiful model-like friends. I give reifler 4 stars :)

@imindiarose: one of my many favorite style bloggers (I know I have a long list but this girl India is definitely UP there) are you looking for clean, minimalistic images? She's got it, at least that was what I read on a blog that named her INSTAGRAM OF THE WEEK by hashtag INSTACOFD. 

@thedasingrider: as you can probably tell now, I have a thing with style bloggers... lol. Fiona is a german art historian and media scholar who blogs about her petite personal style and traveling the world... meanwhile in Prague.... 

@visavisalom: yep. You guessed it. Another style blogger :) Lom's feed has a professional look, think  portfolio look book. lots of blacks and whites (my fav colors or absence of color). handbags. shoes. sandals. trench coat. galore. 

@vajaam: I absolutely admire the photography style thats used in her feed. She's not like many other style bloggers on IG that uses basic white and sky blue backgrounds.. she adds an artistic sense and colorfulness that i miss seeing on Instagram and she basically wakes me up in the morning. 

@not_kitsch: the ying and yang of Kitsch, or maybe not. 17 year old Aussie is a personal style blogger and sometimes not.. loves to post the prettiest acne bags and macaroons. 

@jessaleks: This melbournite!!! every photo she shares with her followers is sassy and fun in a very organized, creative way. The set up of her pics and the way she lays out her fav makeup or fav bag collection for that season. jess is nearly perf.

@chiaraferragni: I hope everyone knows who Chiara is!!! Hellllllooo she's The Blonde Salad. I've been following her life since 2009 and now i follow her IG which is filled with fantastically great images ( that word play should be illegal but i get that excited, don't judge me) I'm soon obsessed with Chiara. 

@weworewhat: who doesn't like fashion blogs? i mean come on all ready.. WEWOREWHAT is like the best, if you want to touch up on new trends or spot some fashion forecasting she's definitely the one to follow.

Feel free to leave comments and recommend your own personal favs so I can check them out! Feel free to share links to your own feed as well, and if you wanna, you can follow my IG here. XO.